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Nurit did with me what 18 doctors in 5 years didn't. She listens and connects the dots. It was not obvious, but she did it. I am so thankful, i cannot express in words.

She is the first nutritionist I've met who actually aims for health, instead of just weight loss. I don't believe in diets, just in habit changes. And what she does, is to inspire you to understand how food impacts your body, and how to heal with food. That in itself is priceless, because once you know what certain foods do to you, you just can't go back. I thank her for giving me control of my life back.

- Fabiana Stolov

Since a few years, I have been having issues with my weight, I have been to a different nutritionist, doctors, not only in Israel but in different countries, and always is the same. I lose some and then nothing. I listen to all, diets and training, etc., without a positive outcome: still the same result, same weight, same health issues, same pain, and answers.
Every time I left a doctor, I lost a bit of hope, and getting depressed did not help; you are more anxious, eat more, becoming in a vicious circle that never ends.

When I heard about Nurit, I had some hope, and I came with a positive attitude but somehow waiting for the same. After a few minutes, I realized the appointment was completely different from what I experienced in the past. Finally, somebody was making real questions, with a lot of patience, explaining the logic of food and the impact it has on our body. I have never been with a professional talking about my health history and food habits for so long. I left the office with a better feeling but still waiting for the results. Do you need to see results, right? Well, after two weeks applying Nurit tips and lifestyle, everything changed, and it was shocking.

I have been with Nurit for two months now; she managed to change my perspective over food, she helped me to understand my pain, and the positive changes not only in my weight but in my energy level, my mood, skin, and practically everything. I highly recommend her!

- Nicole Campano 

Nurit is knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive! While she's my first nutritionist, I have no desire to see another. Her initial assessment covered more than I could have thought to tell her and she's really been able to pinpoint the problems I've been having and knows the right foods and extras I need to start feeling better. After just two weeks of following her plan (which doesn't make me feel like I'm missing out on life), my symptoms started getting better and I even forgot I had some problems. When I have a question or an issue, I know she's available by phone and I don't have to wait weeks to address something. I finally feel like I'm making progress on my health and weight loss goals with Nurit Pollak Nutrition!​ 

- Alainie Goldstein 

Very professional! I really enjoyed meeting with Nurit and getting from her excellent advice on nutrition. I highly recommend her!

- Joshua Tuil 

I can't rave about Nurit and her impact on my life, enough.

When I started with her last september, I was terrified of making any changes. For months, I would alternate between foods Nurit recommended and binge-eating ( pasta, burgers, candy). My jeans barely fit, I was had consistent crippling stomach pain (I suffer from a number of stress and food related stomach issues), I was craving sugar all the time and waking up with the most horrific migraines.

I had implemented small changes but I was petrified of starting the candida diet she so strongly recommended. It sounded so restrictive: no sugar, no alcohol, no gluten. I just couldn't commit.

Amazingly she was only encouraging and supportive, never forceful and critical and that what ultimately convinced me to take the leap this past January.

I have to tell you my story because if you think you can't do this, I cant tell you how much you truly can. Honestly if I can- anyone can... not because my eating is perfect but because I made changes that I never dreamed possible and I don't regret a single one.

For the first month I cut it all out and took my supplements every day. I lost a lot of weight, felt so much better, my stomach pain stopped and my migraines disappeared.

The truth is though, I was finding it so hard to eat out and sometimes I really was saying no to things I wanted. So I decided I needed to shift my thinking from diet to long-term change. When I go to a restaurant and I desperately want a drink or a bowl of home-made pasta- I allow myself, because it is about consistent, long-term healthy choices.

I haven't stopped enjoying food- I loveeeeee food but my relationship with it has changed forever.

Nurit taught me that what I put in my body fuels my cravings. Eat sugar you will crave sugar. Eat healthy, fresh food you will crave those things.

Now I put more thought into my eating!

Will it serve me?
How will I feel afterwards?
Is it a worthwhile indulgence or one that will only make me feel sluggish?

I can't thank Nurit enough for teaching me that and showing me that I can take charge of my lifestyle and exercise the discipline needed to help myself.

Most importantly though, she taught me that I can enjoy it. So if you are on the fence... I would head for your first session and not look back for even a second.

- Ronit Davis


I arrived to Nurit as a pregnant vegan.

Beyond her professionalism - in building a customized meal plan and guidance through food choices, I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge, tips, explanations and recipes that Nurit generously shared!

I have been accompanied and supported throughout the months of pregnancy, and even today - seven plus months after, with a baby starting tastings - I am grateful for her availability, her openness and the warm and professional response to any question or doubt.

- Hadas Lantzet 

After so many visits with different professionals I found someone who’s not just amazing on her profession but also an incredible human being.
Always felt super comfortable and motivated. She is full of knowledge, evidence based meal plans and tips.

Melany Zyman 

Nurit is without a doubt someone that can really help you. Not only she has a vast knowledge which always amazes me, she also will go deep and discover the real problem and fix it, if you let her . Don’t hesitate, if you are looking for a professional, dedicated, passionate nutritionist she is the one!

- Jennyfer Wolman 

Excellent advice on well balanced nutrition.

-Jim Rix

Where can I start...I arrived to Nurit after seeing so many practitioners, I was already hopeless. I had psoriasis besides other problems. Different practitioners and doctors kept giving me creams and medications that made me feel worst, I started having stomach pain and gaining weight. I arrived to Nurit because of the weight but what a surprise, she told me she could help with my psoriasis as well. Nurit explained to me how food can heal and even if I was scared of the changes, she supported me through all the way. In the beginning it was difficult but after some weeks my new eating habits became easier and today they are part of my life and I can't imagine going back. I can't believe doctors don't know that food can help so much with psoriasis!

Today my psoriasis has almost disappeared, I have lost weight and I am feeling very good and energetic thanks to the recommendations Nurit gave me. I can't recommend her enough!

- Lori Cohan

One of the best Nutritionist's out there.

-Dora Walsh


I arrived to Nurit after reading so many people recommending her in different Facebook groups. I read her story in her website and it really inspired me how she healed herself and decided to help others. The first time we met I felt I arrived to the right nutritionist. She is super professional and has sooo much knowledge on how our body works and she explains it so well so you can understand why she is giving you certain recommendations. 

When I saw her the first time I was overweight, had cravings all day, I couldn't think straight, the lack of energy was killing me. During the first assessment she asked me so many questions, and thanks to that she was able to pinpoint that my problems had started in the army and that I had Candida. After only 3 months I was a new person! It was incredible!!! Now I am so happy with my life, I am able to study and think sharp, I have energy and I will be forever grateful to Nurit who literally saved my life!!!

- Sophie Gallagher​

Super qualified. Nurit is knowledgable on many aspects of nutrition and health.

- Amy Avital

Nurit is amazing and really serious, always getting updated on the newest evolution in nutrition.

- Daniela Bloch

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