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Liver Cleanse Reviews

I was truly fortunate to join Nurit on the liver reset cleanse journey. It was like giving my body the best gift! Nurit was absolutely amazing as she guided the group with so much warmth, kindness and wisdom. This was a truly transformational experience not only for the body, but also for the mind, and spirit. Nurit provided us with so much valuable information, tips, and recipes, that she made the whole journey meaningful and fun! Getting to be in touch with and supported by a wonderful group of people was such as positive experience. I can say that I felt so much lighter, brighter, and happier! and it has helped me become much more conscious about the food choices I make and set me up on path towards better health and a sense of connection to my body. 

- Karen Blanc

I want to thank  Nurit for the great experience I had with the Cleansing liver diet.
I learned to include in my diet a lot of healthy food and great ways to cook and mix them.
I felt much better after it, and allowed me to take care of myself.
The idea of working and being in contact with all the group was also very interesting and we learned a lot!  
Sharing recipes and doubts helped a lot. I think this is worth in all ways!!
Nurit is the best!!!! And knows how to make it happen!
Thanks a lot!!!

- Monica Labatone

Thank you Nurit for the liver reset cleanse! You were so responsive to questions and doubts, I felt you were by my side always. The cleanse helped me reset my body and mind when I most needed it. I didn’t do it to loose weight, but it helped! I am grateful for the starting days that ease the way to the cleanse. I enjoyed the “me time” preparing the recipes. I still follow some of the mental health tips and make some recipes but this time to share with family. I also would like to give a huge thanks to the folks on the group! I was hesitant to participate in a group chat with strangers but our group was the best!! We cheered one another, we helped each other and we shared recipes and tips to stay on top. Thank you Nurit!! 

- Belen Moran Bradley

I did the 12 day Liver cleanse with Nurit Pollak during Covid and it was an amazing experience. Her program was just awe inspiring. This is my second and my thanks to Nurit for the detailed schedule; recipes it really kept me on track. I noticed that I was more focus at work, feel lighter, my skin looked more radiant and smooth. 

I am so glad I participated  and look forward to join next time!

 - Eileen Vollmer

Nurit Pollak is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She has an extensive knowledge about nutrition, disease prevention and anything to do with health.
I was always tired without energy and had some digestive problems such as inflammation. During the cleanse we avoided certain foods, ate delicious liver friendly foods and took some supplements to support the liver function. Nurit supported us all the time with delicious recipes, information, videos, a chat group and daily meditations. At the end of the program I had a lot of energy, good mood, my inflammation disappeared and I lost some weight.
I highly recommend her and her program!!!

- Lucrecia Danchuk

 The cleanse helped me feel light, full of energy, and healthy. 

I loved that we had lots of creative recipes to pick from and play with during the cleanse. I never felt hungry or bored.

This experience opened my eyes to a new way of eating a big variety of tasty and healthy foods that are now part of my weekly meals.

- Karina Chocron

Nurit - Such a great program! So full and so perfectly adaptable and tasty! Really a gift for ourselves. 

I appreciate and admire you a lot! 

I will definitely take a lot from here to my daily life.

Thank you so much for everything you have taught us! 

- Sam Katz


The Liver Cleanse Program was perfect! Nurit was fantastic and so inspiring! So inspiring I decided to change my eating habits all together and Nurit helped me with a personal meal plan after the program finished! She is easy to follow and gives great advice!! Thank you Nurit for taking me on this amazing health journey!!

-Louise Bramstedt

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