liver reset cleanse 12 day program

Day 1 - 3 - Transitioning to the cleanse

Day 4 - 10 - 7 day cleanse - Learn how to nourish yourself while releasing toxins. No fasting, no starving, just delicious foods!

Day 11 - 12 - Transitioning from the cleanse. What do you want to maintain?


How do you feel after a vacation or after taking some days off? Relaxed? Happy? Energetic? Recharged? 

I know that for myself, a vacation takes out the best version of me. I can think sharper, work better and my energy and happiness levels are very high.


Could I live without these relaxed days? Of course! But HOW would I live? Would my life quality be the same? Would I be able to work as efficiently? 


Our liver is constantly working. It's our largest organ of detoxification with more than 500 functions and it is the one that screens everything that comes into our system before allowing it to continue to the blood stream if beneficial, or release it if toxic. And these toxins can come in different ways, from the outside world or from the inside of our own body.

If it is is not working optimally, toxins get recycled instead of being released. Many of these toxins are stored in fat cells, so sometimes that stubborn extra weight that we want to get rid of is just an accumulation of toxins and even with the best of the diets it won't come off if we don't address the root cause which is the toxic load. 


So what is a Liver Reset Cleanse? I call it a vacation for the liver. It is an opportunity to give our body a break and improve our own ability to get rid of toxins. How is this done? Increasing our nutrient intake and decreasing processed foods, common allergens, refined sugars, unhealthy fats and animal protein intake. When the liver doesn't need to deal with the normal load it is used to, it can go and look for old harmful substances to eliminate.


When the liver in in optimal health, digestion is improved, energy levels go up, we have less cravings, our mind is more quiet. In Chinese Medicine the liver is the organ related to anger, so unwanted feelings are also released. We feel lighter, happier.

This cleanse also gives us an opportunity to stop and see what is going on inside us. Connect to our body, feelings and sensations. What are we doing that takes us where we want to be and what is limiting us? Which patterns could we let go and which new habits we would like to invite to our lives?


  • We make our health a priority.

  • Internal organs get a vacation, cells are nourished.

  • Nutrient rich foods are incorporated. toxic foods and chemicals are eliminated.

  • We become more conscious and careful about what we put in our mouth.

  • Our body's ability to handle toxic burden is improved, so old stored toxins and fat can be released.

  • We learn new eating patterns, cravings are diminished...and much, much more!


  • You feel tired, stressed, can't concentrate.

  • Have high blood pressure / glucose / cholesterol.

  • Have bad digestion, floating or yellowish stools.

  • Suffer from a fatty liver, gallstones or had your gallbladder removed.

  • Are overweight, smoke, drink, have taken lots of medication.

  • You suspect you have food sensitivities.

  • Have headaches, poor eating habits, eat too much animal protein or/and fats (unhealthy and healthy!)

  • Not suitable if you are under 18, have cancer, are pregnant, nursing, have serious liver disease or have kidney disease




Upon registration: 

-More than 40 recipes for the cleanse that you can already start exploring.

These recipes are so delicious that you can make them all year long!

-Supplements and recommended products list

(I share links to iherb website that offer worldwide delivery)


5 days before the cleanse starts:


-A detailed written protocol for 12 days.

-Pre-cleanse audio class with an introduction, an explanation on how

our liver works and why is it so important to give it a break.

I will go through all the process in a very detailed way, and will explain

why it is so beneficial and important to do it. This information will not only

help you during the cleanse, but after it as well!

-A guide to techniques that are very beneficial to our overall health and

especially during the cleanse.

-Access to a private WhatsApp group for questions, support and guidance.

I will also be sharing useful information and daily tasks for your body, mind

and soul - something to do / think / write.

It can be a small meditation, a question for you to answer (within yourself,

no need to share unless you feel like it), an insight. Every day I will be

sending something else.

As the cleanse is not only physical but emotional it is important to support

this area as well.

Investment: 420 shekels / 130 dollars / 120 euros.

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If you would like a personalized meal plan I offer one on one nutrition

consultations. You can read what some of my patients are saying in the

testimonials page.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates