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Nutrition Consultations


If you are having health issues, want to lose weight or just feel it's time to eat healthier, I will be happy to guide you.

The first time we meet we go through an extensive questionnaire so I can understand what is going on inside your body, and how your symptoms connect between each other. Usually, they are the side effects, or consequences of the real problem. I work like a detective to understand the root cause of what is causing them. ​


With the help of the first assessment I will start connecting the dots of your health, and together we will set goals. What is what you want to achieve and why is it important for you? What are you ready to gain when you give up on certain foods or patterns? I work in a very deep way, taking in consideration food, water, bowel movements, sleep, work, lifestyle, feelings, thoughts and relationships. From today and for your past.

Food is the only vehicle for nutrients to enter our body so it is important for me to teach you about what is the best way to get them. Whole and nourishing food is what our body needs to be at its optimal level. I will never recommend processed foods, diet foods like "fat-free" or "light" products, artificial sweeteners or snacks that are sold as "low calorie".

Most of these products are full of artificial additives. My approach is based on giving energy at a cellular level and these products "steal" it. 

After our first consultation I will sometimes send you the meal plan or guidelines and sometimes I will ask you to fill a food journal before sending you the meal plan. As we are all different, I need to listen to your story before deciding which way to go as a food journal can give me extra information when I feel this is needed. Either way, the price of the first consultation includes the guidelines or meal plan.​

The recommendations I give are based on real foods and healing techniques that can support your journey. I know it can sometimes be overwhelming to introduce new foods or start doing practices that we have never heard of. I promise to explain and guide you, and will be happy to answer any question that may come your way. When health is our priority we organize the time to prepare that nourishing food, we are ready to give up 10 minutes on our phone in order to meditate or do some breathing techniques and we find the way to go to bed earlier. You don't have to do everything at once if you feel you need more time to digest (physically and emotionally). I am here to support you.

First Consultations last between an hour and an hour and a half. Follow ups last between 20 and 30 minutes. Before our first appointment, please send me any important medical test (blood test or any other kind of test that may be relevant) to

The price of the first consultation is 500 shekels. Follow ups are 180 shekels for consultations that are within 1 month and 250 after that (these follow ups can last between 30 and 45 minutes). Payments can be made via bank transfer, bit or via credit card. I

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a full cancellation penalty.

You can read what some of my patients are saying in the Testimonials page. 

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