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Corporate and Small Businesses Wellness and Nutrition  



This program inspires commitment, improves productivity and performance of your employees and saves you money on health care as sick days are reduced.


The program Includes:

1. A meeting with HR or the person in charge of your choice where we discuss the quality of the working space and the overall feeling of the workers.

2. Ideas on how to improve food in the kitchen (snacks, fridge, etc…) and food in the company cafeteria if there is one. 

Usually workers get all excited when they see Ben & Jerry’s at their office freezer. But they also struggle as they don’t really want to eat those. If they don’t eat the ice cream, they will feel frustrated at the office, although they will feel better later in the day. They will feel proud of their selves, but it was not an easy step to make as they had a hard time at the office.

Those who did eat the ice cream, felt instant pleasure, enjoyed the ice cream only to feel tired half an hour later because of the rise and drop in blood sugar and insulin, and they felt frustrated later in the day. Their performance was also not the best as it has been proven simple carbs as sugar contributes to temporary and sometimes long term brain fog affecting memory, focus and decision making.

Healthy snacks can be a great option, with a win win situation. Your company is taking care of your workers and they feel great as their options for snacks make them feel good instantly and long term.

If you don't offer snacks, you can bring a healthy vending machine so employees have a healthy choice if they feel hungry.

If you have a cafeteria that offers lunch, I sit with the cooks, create a healthier menu with several brain boosting foods and show them how to serve portions.

3. A meeting with some of the employees to hear from them what is missing and what would help them create a better working space.

4. Research based changes that are shown to improve performance for example plants that clean the air and improve productivity, small recesses for workers at certain times of the day, ideas on how to make workers feel better about their selves, cooperation between them, 3 minutes meditations in the mornings and many other ideas that you can introduce slowly in the office.

5. One hour talk to the employees that inspires them to live a healthier lifestyle making them understanding nutrition, how it affects our bodies and mind and how memory and performance can be improved by these changes.


A. 5 to 10 min personal consultations with workers to answer personal questions

B. Sugar detox plan – meeting + support via WhatsApp group (The program is minimum 2 weeks)

C. Weekly/Monthly email – different topics related to Nutrition and Wellness

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