“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates


Sugar Detox Program


There is a lot of research that talks about emotional eating. And I think Stress is a big factor on the food choices we make. But did you know that the root of your cravings could also be that your body's biochemistry is out of balance? Certain food cravings have their origin in Mineral Deficiencies, and when you introduce those Minerals, cravings disappear! For example if you crave sweets or empty carbs after a meal it could be a Zinc deficiency, or if you crave chocolate it could mean that you lack Magnesium.

Have you noticed that when you are eating healthier your body doesn't crave as much sweets and carbs? It is because you are feeding your cells properly as they are built from the food we eat. What you get in is what you get out!

So how does it work?

We meet once a week for 4 weeks and then we meet once more 2 weeks later. One of the meetings will be a healthy sweets cooking class where I will teach you to make amazing vegan sugar-free ice cream and also how to make your own chocolate! Also, one of the meetings will take place in a Supermarket so you can learn how to recognize hidden sugars and how to chose wisely when you do your groceries! During this month and a half you will feel the change from within, you will crave less sugar and empty carbs if not any, and you will feel so much better that you will be able to pass a bakery without wanting to devour all the pastries! 

I will give you lots of tips that will help you during this period and after. On the first day of the program I will create a WhatsApp support group to keep in touch, incentive you and of course you can ask questions or share if you are having an obstacle. It has also been proven that when you go through a process with other people, the results are better!

The program is about awareness, adding the right foods and changing eating habits. 

Program Cost: 695 shekels and it includes 5 meetings, support via WhatsApp and email and a list of healthy recipes. If you would like to add a personalized meal plan you can have a private Nutritional Consultation for a reduced price (340 instead of 380 shekels)

Dates for the next Sugar Detox Program will be updated soon!