Food is a very deep matter. You only realize how much it can affect your overall well-being after you change your relationship with food. I don't believe in diets, or in counting calories. I believe in a healthy approach to food, in nourishing rather than just feeding and in understanding that the immediate pleasure we feel when we eat doesn't mean that our cells get that pleasure. When we eat real food, food that comes from nature and not from a box, that is when our cells are really fed. Eventually, when you are connected to your body, you can learn to feel that pleasure from eating real foods as well. 

Our bodies work with Nutrients that come from food that you eat, so if you don't have a reserve, your body starts to get sick, and sometimes it will take many years to show in medical exams. An example of how the lack of nutrients can affect us is osteoporosis, when you don't eat enough calcium in food, your bones are depleted from it so it can be used by the various functions calcium is involved in like blood clotting and nerve function. But this lack of Nutrients can be also expressed in more serious diseases that surround us more and more as years go by.

Most of processed foods have almost no nutrients, mostly just plain sugar. Even when the package has written that it's fortified, synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are added and sometimes our body doesn't know what to do with them because our cells and enzymes don't recognize them as the co factors that they are in their natural state.

It is not surprising that Diabetes prevalence has increased 7 fold since 1980, and the saddest part is that Type II Diabetes, once called the grown-up Diabetes, is today found in toddlers. The food that children eat today is filled with sugar, sodium, colorants and they lack Essential Nutrients. They say vegetables are not tasty because they are so used to the strong sugar/salty flavors from processed snacks that anything that doesn't taste that strong is tasteless. 

An example of how bad processed foods can be, are the many yogurts or puddings with Disney Characters, that are filled with the total amount of sugar that is recommended for a whole day for an adult. The daily recommendation is 6 teaspoons per day, and a toddler is having it in a small snack! These days, an average person is having between 20 and 32 teaspoons of sugar per day. And most of it is hidden in our food! This is very alarming. Now, I don't say stop eating sweets or snacks, I just say that you should have them occasionally. The lack of real food in our kids meals is worrying and more worrying is that the information is out there but not being taken seriously, and a change needs to be done!

Media and Manufactures Companies have a lot to do with it, making us believe that the food we buy is good for us, when it's the opposite. The Medical System is to follow, treating the symptoms and not the problem. If you would have a friend that is a drug addict would you give him drugs? Well, the Medical Industry is doing something similar to this. Many medications are necessary, but I believe much of it could be avoided if doctors would understand that many diseases can be treated with food and lifestyle changes. For example, you give insulin to treat Type II Diabetes, but the Diabetes is still there, so you will create a resistance to Insulin and you will need more and more insulin because you are not treating the main and underlying problem, which is having way too much sugar in your bloodstream that you got from food. Treating the effect makes the problem worst!

It is sad that there is so much money and effort being put in fixing side effects instead of educating the next generation on how to prevent diseases that were almost nonexistent 50 years ago.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates