“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates


I arrived to the amazing world of Complementary Medicine in 2005, after beating cancer twice and surviving a bone marrow transplant...I was alive, but I was not "living". Doctors couldn't help me improve my overall feeling, I was very weak and in pain, couldn't walk and was doing many treatments and taking many medicines that only gave me more side effects...so I decided it was time to take my health in my own hands. With the help of wonderful people I met around my journey, I learnt how to feed my body, my soul and my mind! 
In 2011 I graduated from Natural Nutrition Studies at Reidman College, and today besides working, I attend Nutrition Congresses in Israel and abroad to keep learning from new research that is done. I am passionate about how food can impact every aspect of our lives.
Today I work as a nutritionist at my clinic and offer other services as well, like lectures and workshops. You can check all my services here.
You can contact me for further information calling me at 054-4748266 or filling the Contact Form.
You can read my complete story here.