“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates


A transformation that began with Food

I don't believe in diets, or in counting calories. I believe in a healthy approach to food, in nourishing rather than just feeding and in understanding that the immediate pleasure we feel when we eat doesn't mean that our cells get that pleasure. Food is a very deep matter. We only realize how much it can affect our overall well-being after we change the relationship with it.

What will come out of our cells will be depending on what went inside them in the first place. For example - remember what came out of your brain after eating a heavy meal with mostly processed foods and sugar, and remember what came out of it when you fed it with a simple meal with real food that arrived to your plate in its natural state. Our cells are truly nourished when we eat unprocessed food.

I was a junk food lover, I had 7 coffees a day and I had sweets with every meal. Today, there is no way I could eat one day like that. My body learned to understand and ask what is good for me in every dimension.

But that awareness was not always there, it came out of desperation. The WOW moment for me was when I was extremely sick, during a period where I was not living but just surviving. It was 15 years ago, when I was 25 and my dreams were almost killed by some doctor that told me I was never going to get better.

I had been in remission twice from Leukemia, survived a Bone Marrow Transplant, but a reaction that came 3 years after the transplant that evolved into a chronic disease was threatening my future. My skin looked and felt like if I had been burned in a fire, I could barely move or walk and I felt awfully weak.

I don't know how to explain it, but although feeling hopeless something inside me knew there had to be a way to get better. Unexpectedly it was something I have known for all my life: Food. At the time there was not the awareness that there is today so that came as a surprise but I was ready to try. From then on I embarked on what was going to be the most significant, life changing experience that I ever imagined. The road was long and not easy, but so worth it! With lots of optimism and willpower I embarked on a self discovery Journey. I was surrounded by love, but mostly I learned to love myself, to be happy from the inside. Because as I wrote in the beginning of this post, food is a very deep matter. It starts transforming you, not only your body but much more beyond that. With the guidance from people that had the wisdom that I needed, I was able to reverse incurable diagnosis and beat all odds on many levels - the biggest one being getting pregnant!

Even if I technically have a chronic disease, I live an amazing life and I consider myself healthy. The blood tests are good enough, I am medication free and I feel great. The best part is that I am always learning about nourishing my body, my mind and mostly my soul. I am healthier in so many ways than before getting sick.

Looking back, I could go 2 ways. Let the doctors define my destiny or change the direction I was headed to. Something inside me screamed: Find a way! I am worth taking care of! And so are you! The choices we make can positively impact our future and get us closer to the person that we want to be or it can draw us away from it. As Lao Tzu said, The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one step.

Nurit Pollak

Nutritionist & Motivational Speaker